How to use the Metal nib

What you need:
・Metal nib
・Bottled ink
・Container filled with water
・Tissues or soft, clean cloth
・Pen rest

Step 1: Attach the nib

Hold the Metal nib and gently insert into the nib holder while turning.

Handy tip
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Metal nib
Nib holder - all finishes

Step 2: Dip in ink

Dip the nib in ink to soak, taking care to avoid contact with the base of the ink bottle.

Step 3: Write

Hold the pen at a 45-degree angle. Tilt the nib below 45 degrees to adjust the line width, or lay it flat to paint. Stainless steel and brass nibs have different characteristics — see the diagram at the end of this page.

Initial ink flow may be slow due to the protective coating on the nib and will gradually improve with repeat rinsing and ink application.

If ink becomes faint, turn the nib to release more ink from the grooves. One dip holds enough ink to fill a postcard.

When setting down your pen, use a pen rest to keep it safely in place.

Step 4: Rinse

Rinse the nib in a container of water and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Use a toothbrush to remove stubborn ink in the grooves. If using detergent, a pH neutral detergent is recommended — avoid alkaline detergents as they will damage the nib surface.

Step 5: Remove

Hold the nib and gently pull out of the nib holder while turning. Remove any water from the nib mount by pointing it downwards and blotting with a tissue.


Applying strong force or impact to the precision-made nib may compromise ink flow. Please handle it with care.

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