Inkstand by Kakimori

Inkstand is a shop for creating order-made inks. Drop by drop, we help bring your colours to life. The joy of writing and expression is as vast as your imagination. Colour your messages with shades that truly represent you, or someone special.

Create your own personalised colours using a mixing kit. Work alone, together with friends or in conversation with us — there are many ways to enjoy the unique in-store experience.

Duration → From 105 minutes (45 minutes of self-guided mixing + 60 minutes of preparation by staff)
Price → ¥5,500 (incl. tax) for the first bottle, ¥3,000 (incl. tax) for each additional bottle
Volume → Approx. 35ml
Ink type → Water-based fountain pen pigment ink

① Self-guided mixing

Select two or three base inks from the lineup of 17 colours to suit your colour inspiration.

45 minutes



A drop of the first ink, add a couple of the second, finish with a drop of the third… The mixing kit can be used repeatedly, allowing you to experiment to your heart’s content.



Some colours may appear lighter on paper than in the beaker. Repeat the mixing and testing steps, and place your order with us when you’re happy with the result.


You may like to bring along a colour sample or visual reference, such as a photograph, object or magazine clipping. We’ll be on hand to guide and assist you along the way.

② Preparation by staff

from 60 minutes

  • We’ll prepare your ink according to the nominated ratio, making subtle adjustments to match your order.
  • The finished ink will be bottled and recorded on a recipe card.
  • While your ink is being prepared, feel free to watch the process or go for a wander outside. We can also post your ink to you upon completion.

For colour inspiration…

Be inspired by everyday encounters from found objects to art. Colours for writing are as unique as each individual. We hope you’ll find your perfect match.


At Inkstand, we keep a record of your ink recipes for 3years from your last order. Order-made inks and Ink on Tap colours can be reordered using the colour’s serial number.

How to reorder

Place your order via our online shop or in-store. Please provide your name and the serial number recorded on your recipe card.

Your serial number is a 5, 8 or 9-digit code.
The first 6 digits of your serial number indicate the year, month and date of your order. Your expiry date is 3years from this date.
Eg. serial number 21112300 → made on 2021/11/23, expires on 2024/11/23

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