from home

from home

Inkstand Post is a personalised ink creation service based on an exchange of letters.
The process begins with you sending us a colour hint that inspires you, such as a photograph or magazine clipping. We’ll reimagine and mix your colour, one drop at a time, and arrange its delivery to you.
Capture your thoughts or a message to someone special with your own unique inks, made just for you.
We hope you’ll find the perfect colours to bring your feelings to life.

Lead time → 
From one week, depending on your location
・3 working days from receiving your colour hint to shipping your ink colour options
・3 working days from your online order to shipping your ink
Price → 
¥3,000 (incl. tax) per bottle
There will be no charges prior to the presentation of your colour options.
Payment is required upon order confirmation.
Volume → 
Approx. 33ml
Ink type → 
Water-based fountain pen pigment ink

How Post works


Send us your colour hint

A photograph, magazine clipping or words that are special to you… Enclose the inspiration for your colour in a letter to us.

How to send your colour hint


Receive your colour options

From your colour, we’ll prepare and present three colour options just for you.


Order your selected colour

Once you’ve found your favourite colour, place an order via our online shop. Simply access the order page and enter your order number. For a gift, you’ll have the additional option of ordering your ink together with a pen.

Order online


Your bottle of ink is delivered

Your colour inspiration is transformed into ink and delivered to you. Each ink includes a serial number, allowing it to be reordered in-store or online within a 2 year period.

Introducing your colour hints

Take a look at some of the colour inspirations and inks of our Post customers. (Japanese only)

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