Inkstand Post is a bespoke ink creation service that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

A scene from your travels, flowers from someone special or words that inspire you — treasured moments become a bottle of ink to keep by your side, crafted one drop at a time and delivered to your door.

Colour your heartfelt expressions with a one-of-a-kind ink, made just for you. Celebrate the joy of writing with your unique colour creation.

Choose your colour

Choose your colour

If you have a particular colour in mind such as a colour sample or a corporate colour, our self-guided option is for you. Specify your desired colour with an image or Pantone colour for colour matching by our team.

Let us design your colour

Let us design your colour

Let us bring your colour inspiration to life with our guided option. Whether you have a vision for your colour or are unsure where to start, share an image or words with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.



Bespoke blend
Each colour is specially created, one bottle at a time.
Colour story
You will receive an illustrated leaflet containing your unique recipe — a perfect memento or accompaniment to a gift.
Your recipe
We keep your recipe on file for three years. Your ink can be reordered in-store or online with the serial number provided.


For a special touch

Colour swatch sheet

Preview and choose your colour from three options prepared specially for you. You will receive colour swatches by post, and confirm your selection online. Please allow additional time for postage.

Cap finish

Optional cap finishes are available to complement your colour or decor.

Ordering your ink

Select from the following options


Choose your colour

From ¥4,950



Let us design your colour

From ¥5,500


For colour inspiration…

Be inspired by everyday encounters from found objects to art. Colours for writing are as unique as each individual. We hope you’ll find your perfect match.