Dye ink and pigment ink

Kakimori and Inkstand inks are water-based pigment inks designed for fountain pens. There are two main types of fountain pen ink — dye ink and pigment ink — each with distinct physical properties.

Water-based pigment ink (top) and water-based dye ink (bottom)

Pigment ink:
・Water and fade resistant once dry
・Tendency to solidify and clog nibs, requiring regular upkeep

Dye ink:
・Available in vibrant colours. Water-soluble and easy to clean
・Susceptible to colour fade. Smudges easily on contact with water

We wanted to challenge the limitations of pigment ink and developed our own ink formula with pigment colour specialists Turner Colour Works Ltd. The result is a range of water-based fountain pen pigment inks that are easy to mix and resistant to clogging.

Once dry our ink won’t smudge easily with water, making it ideal for a variety of uses from addressing envelopes to drawing outlines for watercolour painting. On documents our ink offers more permanence than dye-based inks, especially when stored away from light.

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