Chika Higashi x Kakimori part two - Mini message set

We’re excited to announce the second instalment of our collaboration with artist Chika Higashi.

A mini letter writing set that makes a delightful addition to any gift. Featuring sections from a large artwork, each set contains sheets with unique print placements.

Mini message set - Chika Higashi
Pool / Rin / Time
Includes 6 sheets of paper, 3 mini envelopes

Enjoy our latest design for writing with joy, created with Chika Higashi.

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Chika Higashi
1Born 1981 in Nagasaki prefecture. A self-taught maker of hand-painted umbrellas, Higashi headed her unique sun umbrella brand Coci la elle from 2010 until the summer of 2022. She creates illustrations for a variety of projects including publications, packaging, textiles and logo design. With her distinctive use of colour and techniques such as collage, her prolific body of work is readily transformed into everyday objects. A mother of three, Higashi works from her home and atelier at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains at an altitude of 1180m.

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