〈24-26/5〉Find us at Monomachi 2024

Now in its 15th year, Monomachi is an immersive event that introduces visitors to the creative community of Taito-ku, an area of Tokyo long established as a gathering place for manufacturers and craftspeople.

To celebrate Monomachi, we have four exciting collaborations with the following brands.

1.Regaro Papiro

Personalise your order-made notebook with B6 paper from gift wrap specialists Regaro Papiro. Design your own notebook by using the paper as decorative accents or filling the entire notebook for a unique visual feast.


2.Washi Labo Tokyo

Take part in a washi papermaking workshop at Washi Labo Tokyo using Kakimori’s original ink collection. Create your choice of perfumed paper or notebook divider. Divider can be bound as part of your order-made notebook.



Accessorise your order-made notebook with colourful cords from specialist paracord supplier Paraco. Choose from the dedicated Micro Cord range to be made into a string and washer fastener for your order-made notebook.


4. Mumea

Shop a selection of event-exclusive postcards by textile brand Mumea. Enjoy designs including those from our past order-made notebook covers.


*Only available during the Monomachi weekend
*Excludes notebooks and materials purchased outside the event
*Separate charges apply for order-made notebooks
*No booking required for order-made notebooks created as part of the above event collaborations

Other activities include a stamp rally that will have you exploring the neighbourhoods of Taito-ku. So join the fun and discover all the venues!

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