Kakimori Pen nib


A stainless steel nib ideal for those new to fountain pen ink. Dip and write as you need with almost no maintenance required. A quick rinse in water is all it takes to change the ink colour. Experience the superior writing comfort that’s as smooth as a fountain pen.

  • Nib only — nib holder sold separately.
  • To prevent the build-up of dry ink in the grooves, rinse frequently in water during use.
  • Use gentle writing strokes without applying excessive pressure.

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A low-maintenance nib that lets you write as you need. Simply rinse in water and dry when you’re finished. A great companion for first-time users of bottled ink.

A nib developed to replicate the smoothness of a fountain pen, refined over many prototypes to eliminate catching or resistance. Each dip comfortably writes around one sentence.

Switching between ink colours is as easy as a quick rinse in water, allowing painting or writing with several colours at once.

Designed with careful consideration to proportion to be visually pleasing when fitted to the nib holder. The soft lustre of the semi-matte finish pairs beautifully with our nib holder in Japanese cherry, indigo dye or urushi lacquer.


Product name Pen nib
Dimensions W9 x D3 x H34mm
Weight 0.5g
Material Stainless steel, iridium (nib point)
Manufacturer Japan Fountain Pen Manufacturing
Made in Japan