Sakura wood pen rest

A pen rest that enhances the moments between writing. Designed to hold any pen without the need for precise placement, it blends effortlessly into your desk space with a subtle but assured presence.


The sculpted form pleases the eye, even when not in use, and pairs beautifully with our ink bottles. The sweeping, asymmetrical design makes it easy to set down and pick up your pen.

Engineered for stability to ensure your pen is secure from accidental movement or damage. The pen rest can hold two or three slender pens.

The compact size allows for an understated addition to your desktop. An ink-resistant finish provides practicality without compromising the natural texture of the Japanese cherry wood.


Solid Japanese cherry wood is sculpted by skilled craftspeople, who shape each asymmetrical curve to uniform specifications by hand.

The diverse wood grain celebrates the unique beauty and character of natural materials.



Lacquered using the fuki-urushi technique in the city of Takaoka in Toyama prefecture, known for its historic Takaoka lacquerware. The technique preserves the wood while visually enhancing the wood grain, a perfect complement to our tools designed for life.



Aizome (Japanese indigo dyeing) is a plant-based dyeing technique that has long been part of Japanese culture. Wood dyeing requires advanced skill — the rich indigo hue is a result of careful trial and error by our artisans, and will gradually develop a deep patina with use. The beeswax finish adds a natural sheen.