Hasami pen rest

The most playful complement to our range of dip pens, the Hasami pen rest was created to make dip pens more approachable for everyday writing.

From the droplet-like form to the expressive glazes that reveal their uniqueness upon firing, the Hasami ware pen rest inspires writing pleasure with thoughtful details.


Designed together with Makoto Koizumi, the form was inspired by droplets and gently cradles your pen.

We chose glazes that best complement the Kakimori aesthetic from the countless varieties at our kiln Koushun-gama. Experience the unique character of pottery and the result of fascinating glaze chemistry.

The perfect partner for your dip pen. The height has been considered for ease of placement and handling to support your pen while inked.


Hasami ware production is known for its balance of volume and quality of workmanship. The glazing method shown here ensures pieces are coated evenly.

Koushun-gama is located in the town of Hasami in Nagasaki prefecture. The kiln’s traditional chimney stack comes into view as you travel uphill through the town’s picturesque streets. Our pen rests are crafted by artisans in a region steeped in ceramic history.

The Kakimori logo is hand stamped on the base during the casting stage in a nod to the artisanship behind each piece.

The crisp white porcelain is brought to life by a variety of glazes. Our initial idea of having one or two colours quickly grew to testing an array of glazes after seeing their exquisite beauty firsthand. We finally selected four glazes that accentuate the character of Hasami ware and complement a wide range of pens.