Gift wrapping

If you would like your purchase gift wrapped (¥440 per gift wrap), please select the gift wrapping option on the product page, then enter the items to be gift wrapped in the order comments in your cart.

The style of gift wrapping varies depending on the products purchased. If your product combination appears in the list below, your gift will be wrapped in a gift box. If your gift contains more products, or products that do not fit the boxes, it will be wrapped in one of our gift bags. Please note that the wrapping style cannot be specified — we will select the option that best suits your gift combination.

  • 〈Gift box options〉
  • ・Pen
  • ・Notebook
  • ・Pen + Ink
  • ・Dip pen + Ink
  • ・Dip pen + Ink + Pen rest
  • ・Notebook + Pen + Ink (coming soon)
  • ・Notebook + Pen + Ink + Pen rest (coming soon)

*Our gift boxes are designed specially for Kakimori products. Where compatible in size, items such as writing tools from other brands may also be wrapped in gift boxes.
*Combinations include one of each product. Gifts containing multiples of any product will be wrapped in one of our gift bags.
*A Pen + Notebook gift box is currently in production, and these items will be wrapped in a gift bag in the interim.

A delivery docket without prices will be enclosed where the recipient is not the purchaser.