〈4/26 リリース〉 暮らしに溶け込む「新 たのしく書く道具」

This month, we will be launching the final instalment of our collection New Tools for Writing with Joy released last Autumn. The lineup is now complete with the latest additions comprising ink bottle caps in Japanese cherry, pen rests in urushi lacquer and indigo dye, and our new nib design, Pen nib.「」

For every lifestyle

With caps in premium finishes such as Japanese cherry and aluminium, our ink bottles are worthy of being on show. Find the perfect finish to elevate your space.

Enjoy the sophisticated simplicity of aluminium. Each piece is carefully hand finished, giving the metal a touch of softness and subtle detailing that can only be achieved by hand.

Pen nib — our newest nib

The Pen nib is a stainless steel nib ideal for those new to fountain pen ink. Developed to replicate the smoothness of a fountain pen, without the catching or resistance of conventional dip pen nibs.

The Pen nib for writing, the Metal nib for drawing or painting — the choice is yours, whatever your activity.

Follow the journey to creating our new collection in our Journal, from conception and manufacturing to the finished product.

Our latest tools for writing will launch in-store and online at 12pm on Tuesday, 26 April (JST). We hope you’ll join us!