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Companions on life’s journey.

A lifetime of writing,
enriched by our tools.

Treasured tools remain by our side.


our new collection

Welcome to our new tools for writing. We’ve created a collection of ink bottles, pen rests, nibs and nib holders that we are inspired by and proud to use. We hope that these timeless designs will become well-loved tools over time. Simple yet distinctive, they capture a sense of Kakimori. Enjoy our new standards for writing with joy.

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Pigment ink

Pigment ink Designed by Makoto Koizumi

Functional tools for a lifetime of use. Our writing tools are designed to become your companions, developing personal character through the journey of ownership. The simple yet charming glass bottle has been designed for seamless use, creating a bottled ink that's bound to inspire writing with joy.

Design detail 1

The evocative form looks as though a drop of molten glass has solidified. Filling the bottle with ink creates the illusion of two elements becoming one. The stable base prevents the bottle from tipping over easily.

Design detail 2

The generous 20mm opening with an 8-degree angle makes dipping easy without damaging the delicate nib. The shallow depth allows for effortless refilling of converters and helps to keep your pen clean from unwanted ink.

Design detail 3

The palm-sized 35ml bottle can be easily picked up and shaken.

Optional finishes

Personalise your ink bottle with caps in a variety of finishes. Standard caps are light grey plastic.

Sakura wood
Colour concept
01 po
A colour tucked away in our hearts. Po is the way we blush when falling in love; the warmth of a face admired from afar.
02 torori
A perfect omelette reveals its deliciously soft centre. Torori is the colour of anticipation, describing a rich consistency overflowing with flavour.
03 tototo
Tototo is the gentle melody of a special rosé poured in quiet company. A colour to elevate everyday life or celebrate a special occasion.
04 karari
Fresh like an endlessly clear sky. Karari describes a bright, cloudless day. With this blue in hand, a break in the clouds is never far away.
05 kurun
Kurun depicts the dance of a vine’s curling tendrils. A green that captures both vitality and a sense of calm.
06 toppuri
Look closely and you might see the stars in the night sky. Toppuri describes the comforting darkness that arrives after nightfall. A gentle colour that inspires reflection.
07 soyo
Soyo is like a breath of fresh air. A colour that evokes the feeling of a pleasant breeze.
08 zabun
Zabun is the sound of the deep, blue ocean. Listen for the lapping waves as the ink flows across the paper, awakening precious memories.
09 mukuri
Mukuri describes the state of awakening, like a bear emerging from hibernation to the warm red earth. The colour signals the arrival of a new season.
10 koton
The silence of the night is punctuated by koton, the sound of an ink bottle being placed on the desk. A colour for quiet contemplation.

Colour concept

Our original inks are inspired by Japanese word play and imagery. Listen to the colourful conversations of dripping ink.
*Discover more colour possibilities at Inkstand.

Ink details

  • Our pigment inks have been developed in an ongoing partnership with Japanese colour specialists Turner Colour Works. The inks are designed to minimise clogging in nibs, while also being water and bleed resistant.
  • In a convenient 35ml bottle, suitable for several years of daily use.
  • Fade and smudge resistant, even in the rain. For words that stand the test of time.
  • Dry ink on nibs can be removed using our diluting solution.
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Dip pen

Dip pen

In today’s world there are fewer and fewer opportunities to write by hand. Focusing on the simplicity of the dip pen, we developed a range of interchangeable nibs and nib holders. Versatile and designed for long-lasting ownership, they represent a new kind of writing tool for our era.

Glass nib

The glass nib was developed as a casual alternative to the conventional glass pen. Each nib is individually handcrafted by a glass artisan to deliver an incredibly smooth writing experience.

Metal nib

Design by Yuto Yamazaki

The metal nib was created as a more durable and practical alternative to glass nibs. The nib point has been rounded and polished with meticulous care, providing an exceptionally smooth writing experience that defies expectation.

Pen nib

Although appearing similar to a standard G nib, the pen nib offers the smooth writing comfort of a fountain pen. The secret lies in its iridium tip, which enhances the nib's durability and consistency.

Nib design

  • All nibs are made to universal specifications to fit the standard nib holder of your choice.
(From left) Sakura wood, Aluminium, Tokushima indigo, Urushi lacquer

Nib holder Designed by Makoto Koizumi

A nib holder that emerged from our desire to create a tool that inspires a lifetime of use, bringing joy to our hands and soul. From the timeless material to the comfortable thickness, form and length, each and every detail has been carefully considered to create a perfect fit. The 7-inch length is similar to that of a standard pencil. Designed to universal specifications to fit all standard nibs, the nib holder will travel with you for a lifetime of writing.

Wooden nib holder Sakura wood/Urushi lacquer/Tokushima indigo

Experience the texture of natural wood. Japanese cherry is characterised by the reddening of its colour over time, adding to your pen’s unique transformation. Urushi lacquer develops a brilliant lustre as it is handled more, while the deep indigo dyeing accentuates the natural beauty of the woodgrain.

Metal nib holder Aluminium

Machined from solid aluminium based on the design of the wooden nib holder. The nib holder is comfortably weighted and lighter than it looks. The irregularity of the hand-sanded finish gives the metal a gentle warmth.

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Pen rest

Pen rest Designed by Makoto Koizumi

A pen rest that enhances the moments between writing. Designed to hold any pen without the need for precise placement, it blends effortlessly into your desk space with a subtle but assured presence.

Design detail 1

The sculpted form pleases the eye, even when not in use, and pairs beautifully with our ink bottles. The sweeping, asymmetrical design makes it easy to set down and pick up your pen.

Design detail 2

Engineered for stability to ensure your pen is secure from accidental movement or damage. The pen rest can hold two or three slender pens.

Design detail 3

The compact size allows for an understated addition to your desktop. An ink-resistant finish provides practicality without compromising the natural texture of the Japanese cherry wood.

Feature articles
Enjoy the lustre of urushi lacquer. Complete the look with your choice of nib holder or ink bottle cap.

Optional finishes

Sakura wood
Urushi lacquer
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Makoto Koizumi

Ink bottle/Nib holder/Pen rest
Designed by Makoto Koizumi

My work is centred around furniture design and I always aim to design for a lifetime of use. I feel that Kakimori shares a similar vision for writing tools. I have deep respect for products that stand the test of time amid the disposable culture of today. The ideas behind my designs for this collection were no different. For a product to have a long life, it must have the right amount of functionality and the ability to engage on an emotional level. As well as aesthetic beauty, it should evoke joy and a sense of connection in order to intrigue and nourish us. Throughout the design process, I’m constantly considering ways to capture the essence of Kakimori.

Born in Tokyo in 1960. After studying under designers Choei and Shigemitsu Hara, Koizumi established Koizumi Studio in 1990. In 2003, the designer opened Koizumi Dougu-ten as a place to share his designs. He is involved in design connected to our way of life, ranging from architecture to tableware, working with craftspeople and manufacturers all over Japan. In 2015, Koizumi founded Wazawaza, a platform that aims to revitalise Japanese craftsmanship. He is an honorary professor at Musashino Art University and the recipient of the Mainichi Design Award (2012) and the Japan Crafts Exhibition Award (2015).

Yuto Yamazaki

Metal nib
Designed by Yuto Yamazaki

Born in 1981. Yamazaki studied at Tokyo Design Academy and worked as a designer at a manufacturing company before moving to Italy in 2011. He founded Alloy upon his return to Japan the following year, incorporating Alloy Inc. in 2016. Alloy creates specialised products that fuse the elements of engineering and design, underlined by the concept of connecting everything.


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*Some photographs show prototypes. Actual products can be viewed on individual pages.