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From the maker, to the writer. Made for the Writer is a collection of tools by artists and makers, created to enhance your writing time. The latest addition is a series of pen rests made by jewellery and lifestyle brand Kyoko Tsuda.

Founded by the designer of the same name, Kyoko Tsuda creates pieces that add a touch of spark to daily life, from accessories for the body to objects for the home.

One of Tsuda’s most popular designs is her bright, lustrous jewellery made of brass and resin. The pieces are decidedly eye-catching and cheerful, with a playful mix of shapes in a rainbow of colours.

While stationery and jewellery may seem worlds apart, we fell in love with Tsuda’s designs and commissioned her to create a range of original pen rests for Kakimori. We anticipated her multidisciplinary approach and aesthetic would result in something exciting and out of the box.

Six months later, our first delivery did not disappoint. The pen rests were unlike any other we’d seen before — we were struck by their inimitable originality, just like the first time we encountered her jewellery.

Tsuda explained that it was her first time creating pen rests, and that functional considerations such as the proportion and balance with pens took some trial and error.

While the pen rest is often considered an accessory, Tsuda’s delightful designs elevate the humble pen rest to take centre stage. We hope you’ll find the perfect piece for your desk and writing tools.

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Pen rest - Line
Pen rest - Line

Pen rest - Line

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