Inkstand by Kakimori Inkstand Post - redeem a gift certificate


This order page is exclusively for customers redeeming an Inkstand Post gift certificate. Please enter the order number and gift code from your colour sheet. The appearance of your colour will vary depending on the amount of ink used, so we suggest making your selection with your intended writing tool in mind.

  • Each gift certificate can be used to order one ink bottle. For orders of multiple bottles or colours, please contact us directly.
  • Shipping is included. When combined with other items, orders below ¥5,000 (incl. tax) will automatically incur a shipping charge — this amount will be issued as a refund.
  • Your order number is valid for 2 years from the date on your colour sheet.
  • If your order details do not match our records, we may contact you for verification.
  • This product is a pigment ink.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • If swallowed, give fluids and seek medical advice. If in contact with the eyes, flush with running water and seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Use the pen regularly to prevent ink from drying on the nib.
  • Designed and tested for pens sold at Kakimori and Inkstand. May not be compatible with other pens.

Found your favourite colour?

Select a colour from the three options on your colour sheet, created by us one drop at a time.

Do you have a writing tool in mind?

Our bottled inks are suitable for a variety of pens including fountain pens and glass pens. Learn how to use a glass pen here.

A letter in your colour

A postcard is included with your ink so you can start writing straight away. Why not share your new colour with the person who gave you the gift?

For words that last

Our pigment inks are water and fade resistant once dry, ensuring your messages and documents will stand the test of time.


Product name Blended ink
Volume 35ml
Dimensions H48 x Ø58mm
Weight 120g
Material AS resin plastic (cap),
Glass (bottle),
PE (washer)
Manufacturer Yamamura Glass Bottle Manufacturing (bottle),
Turner Colour Works Ltd. (ink),
Made in Japan