Kakimori Grid paper

¥880 (incl. tax)

A set of ten letter papers with hand-drawn grid lines printed in soft blue ink. Choose from classic and refined Conqueror papers, or Shinkyokushi paper, an everyday paper with the texture of washi paper.


Conqueror is a British-born range of premium paper that has been trusted worldwide for over a century. The perfect choice for formal writing, the brand’s watermark is recognised as a mark of distinction. Conqueror Laid has a classic ribbed texture, while Conqueror Contour features a subtle hammer-embossed effect.

Lithography printing gives each paper unique imperfections with a delicate warmth, as if printed by hand.


Product name Letter paper
Dimensions Custom B5 H253 x W179mm
Weight 67g
Includes 10 letter papers
Made in Japan