Kakimori A5 notebook - Aseedonclöud 06


〈2022 Autumn edition〉A well-made case bound notebook created with everyday use in mind. Smyth sewn binding ensures each page opens perfectly flat to an A4 spread. The pages feature a hand-drawn, light grey grid that is gentle on the eyes and doesn't stand out when scanned. We created this notebook to be the kind that fits on a bookshelf and becomes part of a treasured collection over time. Limited edition design.

  • Pattern placement or texture may vary from cover to cover.
  • Actual colours may vary slightly depending on monitor settings.
  • No Kakimori logo on the spine for limited edition notebooks.
  • This notebook features a hardcover. The cover type differs from the following limited editions: A5 notebook - Aseedonclöud 01, A5 notebook - Aseedonclöud 02

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A notebook designed in collaboration with Aseedonclöud. Its 2022 Kiokushi collection tells the story of mapmakers who create maps of memories. The story takes us to a world in which nomadic people live a fulfilled existence free from the burden of material desires. Whenever they wish to recall the memory of a special time or place, they travel to the vault of memories, where mementos are stored together with maps showing the time and place they came from. The mapmaker is the keeper of memories, weaving every recollection from across the land.

The fabric is printed with the map created by the mapmakers of memories. Place names are the names of stars in reference to the constellations used to map their locations. Playful details include inverted names for places pioneered during summer, and the naming of the mapmakers’ favourite places after their own names.

A blend of cotton and silk creates an exquisite balance of thickness and translucency. The silk gives the fabric a supple softness.

We created this notebook to be the kind that fits on a bookshelf and becomes part of a treasured collection over the years.

The soft blue-grey print on white OK Fools paper provides a subtle backdrop ensuring your words are front and centre. The grid will guide you in all tasks from writing to drawing diagrams and tables.


Product name A5 notebook
Dimensions W152 x D11 x H215mm
Weight 255g
Pages Grid (OK Fools Pure White), 64 sheets/128 pages
Material 90% cotton 10% silk by Aseedonclöud (cover)
Manufacturer Aseedonclöud (fabric), Seibundo Co. Ltd. (printing, binding)
Made in Japan