Kakimori Lined paper


A set of ten lined letter papers. Hand-ruled lines printed in soft blue ink will ensure your message is front and centre. Choose from classic and refined Conqueror papers, or Shinkyokushi paper, an everyday paper with the texture of washi paper.


Conqueror is a British-born range of premium paper that has been trusted worldwide for over a century. The perfect choice for formal writing, the brand’s watermark is recognised as a mark of distinction. Conqueror Laid has a classic ribbed texture, while Conqueror Contour features a subtle hammer-embossed effect.

Lithography printing gives each paper unique imperfections with a delicate warmth, as if printed by hand.


Product name Letter paper
Dimensions Custom B5 H253 x W179mm
Weight 67g
Includes 10 letter papers
Made in Japan