Kakimori Nib holder - Aluminium

¥5,500 (incl. tax)

A nib holder machined from solid aluminium. Designed to universal specifications to fit a standard nib of your choice.

  • As each item is individually crafted by hand, please expect slight variations in specification or feel.
  • Due to limited stock, purchases are limited to one per customer. Orders of two or more pens will be subject to cancellation.
  • *Future restock date currently unavailable.

Lightweight aluminium offers hours of writing comfort.

In today’s world there are fewer and fewer opportunities to write by hand. Focusing on the simplicity of the dip pen, we developed a range of interchangeable nibs and nib holders.

Versatile and designed for long-lasting ownership, they represent a new kind of writing tool for our era.


Product name Nib holder - Aluminium
Dimensions H178 x Ø11mm
Weight 34g
Material Alminium (stem),
plastic (nib mount)
Design Makoto Koizumi
Manufacturer Mitsumi Factory Limited (nib holder),
Tachikawa Pin (nib mount)
Country of manufacture Japan