Kakimori A5 notebook - Aseedonclöud 02

¥3,850 (incl. tax)

The easy-to-use notebook features case binding and a well-considered design. Opening to an A4 spread, the pages feature a light grey grid that is hand drawn to be gentle on the eyes, and doesn't stand out when scanned.

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A notebook created in collaboration with Aseedonclöud, a fashion label by designer Kentaro Tamai. The simple striped shirting fabric with a high thread count gives a classic impression.

We created this notebook to be the kind that fits on a bookshelf and becomes part of a treasured collection over the years.

The soft blue-grey print on white OK Fools paper provides a subtle backdrop ensuring your words are front and centre. The grid will guide you in all tasks from writing to drawing diagrams and tables.


Product name A5 notebook
Dimensions W152mm x D11mm x H215mm
Weight 220g
Pages 120pages, Grid
Material OK Fools Pure White (pages),
100% cotton (Hyouryushi Stripe, cover)
Manufacturer Aseedonclöud (fabric),
Senda Co. Ltd. (lining),
Okada Binding (binding),
Tanaka Foil Stamping (stamping)
Made in Japan