An evolving journey - Tetzbo brass ballpoint pens

From the maker, to the writer. Made for the Writer is a collection of tools by artists and makers, created to enhance your writing time. Today, we introduce ballpoint pens by metalsmith Yoshikazu Takai of Tetzbo (taken from the Japanese word meaning “iron rod”), marked by their exquisite craftsmanship and raw aesthetic.

Though simple at first glance, Takai’s designs are a testament to his impressive attention to detail.

「Take the Chibien series for example, the design at the heart of our Tetzbo collection.
Meaning “mini pencil”, Chibien is a ballpoint pen shaped like a pencil that instantly draws us in with its striking looks and subtle detailing.


The end of the hexagonal brass rod has been cut and finished to resemble a freshly shaved pencil; a feat that requires exceptional skill and precision.

The refill is accessed using the allen key provided, a detail typical of Takai’s work that fosters a sense of connection and play.

Chibien is available in three colours. The antique brown and black finishes are the result of an oxidisation process, giving the brass surface a rich, aged appearance.
While the raw brass finish tarnishes from handling, the antique finish will gradually fade to reveal the original brightness of brass; thus the notion that each pen will evolve through the unique journey of ownership.


The Iroen series has the same design as Chibien, but with a coloured silver foil finish. The sight of the joyful colours is enough to give you an instant mood boost. Silver foil is pressed onto the surface before being peeled back one by one, giving each pen a unique and irregular finish.

A Phillips-head screwdriver is used to change the refill.

Tz series

Tzn-1 is a capped ballpoint pen that resembles a steel rod, crafted from brass and nickel silver. While the cap is distinguished by a visible break, the less-used end cap for the refill is seamlessly integrated in the pen body with remarkable precision. Function and aesthetics have been considered with equal elegance.

All series are equipped with Mitsubishi Jetstream refills for a superior writing experience.
With their weighty metal body and a touch of playfulness, Tetzbo pens urge us to pick them up and start writing. A marriage of aesthetics and writing quality, we’re thrilled to bring these exceptional ballpoint pens to you.

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