Introducing Made for the Writer

From the maker, to the writer. Made for the Writer is a collection of tools by artists and makers, created to enhance your writing time.

We invited glass, wood and printmaking artists to design goods for writing, resulting in an eclectic range expressed through their respective crafts. The attention to detail and unique variations in each handcrafted piece bring to mind lively scenes of the artists at work.

We named the collection Made for the Writer in celebration of the tools crafted with our writing pleasure in mind.

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by Yoshikazu Takai

Yoshikazu Takai is a metalsmith based in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Working with brass, nickel silver and other metals, he creates objects of distinctive originality and raw aesthetic, including Chibien, a ballpoint pen shaped like a freshly shaved pencil.



by Yoko Andersson Yamano

Yoko Andersson Yamano is a glass artist based in Stockholm, who designs and produces tableware and vessels for the home. We were delighted to work with her to create a pen stand.

The walls of the pen stand are thicker than ordinary glassware, giving it weight and stability ideal for holding multiple pens.

Pen Stand


by Hana Ikushima

Hana Ikushima is a woodworker who lives and works in the Gifu mountains surrounded by an abundance of nature. She creates simple and delicate accessories and homewares that showcase the intrinsic warmth and grace of wood.

For this collection she designed a paperweight, pen tray and bookend, distinguished by their charming forms that are polished to perfection.




by Garapy

Garapy is the brainchild of designer Tomoko Tamura who makes hand-stamped prints featuring abstract motifs.

Using an assortment of original blocks, she designed a series of postcards and letter writing sets for us with whimsical arrangements that are never exactly the same.


Letter set - Sing