A glass pen with bare simplicity

We first discovered the pleasure of writing with glass through glass pen artist Motoko Fujita. A writing tool that brings together an effortless smoothness, elegant beauty and ink retention, the glass pen’s charm is truly appreciated through use.

Fujita trained in the German glassmaking village of Lauscha, and founded her brand and studio Tetohi in Karuizawa, Nagano. The name Tetohi combines the Japanese words te (hand), to (and) and hi (flame) — the essential tools of her craft.

The village of Lauscha where Fujita learned her craft.

Fujita is a well-loved artist at Kakimori who has co-hosted a series of events, including pre-order shows, nib adjustment sessions and the sale of Lauscha glass ornaments at Christmas time.

Made with Lauscha artisans

The desire to create our original glass pen was inspired by these interactions with Fujita. We had a vision for a simple yet distinctive everyday glass pen that didn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. Fujita translated our concept into a design to be handcrafted by artisans in Lauscha, and our very own glass pen was born.

Having worked with craftspeople in Tokyo to bring our products to life, we were thrilled to connect with German artisans across the sea.

A Lauscha artisan at work. Each glass pen is crafted with great care and precision, flame in hand. Particular attention is given to the attachment of each glass component, and the finish of the nib to achieve a smooth ink flow. The artisans take pride in their workmanship to ensure the recognition of their craft.

A daily tool for writing

The design of our glass pen is shorter than most, with a striking simplicity that shows off the raw clarity and vibrant colours of Lauscha glass. A marriage of lightness and smoothness, the pen inspires hours of writing pleasure and ease. Fujita’s choice of a fine nib tip accommodates even the more intricate characters.

New colours were introduced to the range in 2022, showcasing more stunning colours of Lauscha glass.

At Kakimori we create considered tools for writing with joy. Fujita opened our eyes to a new craft, inspiring the addition of the glass pen to our original collection. We hope you’ll welcome our glass pen as a new companion for everyday writing.

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