Ink reorder

Ink reorder

At Inkstand, we keep a record of your ink recipes for 3years from your last order. Order-made inks and Ink on Tap colours can be reordered using the colour’s serial number.

How to reorder

Place your order via our online shop or in-store. Please provide your name and the serial number recorded on your recipe card.

  • Your serial number is a 5, 8 or 9-digit code.
  • The first 6 digits of your serial number indicate the year, month and date of your order. Your expiry date is 3years from this date.
  • Eg. serial number 21112300 → made on 2021/11/23, expires on 2024/11/23

Reorder online

Please enter your serial number and the quantity required.
Your order will ship within 3 working days from your order date.

Place your order

Reorder in-store

Please present your recipe card and we’ll prepare your ink while you wait. Please allow a minimum of 40 minutes preparation time.

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