〈29/7 - 5/8〉 Glass pens by Werkstatt Tetohi

For the first time in several years, we’re delighted to host an event showcasing glass pens by glass artist Motoko Fujita of Tetohi. Trained in Germany and now based in Karuizawa, Fujita is a well-loved maker at Kakimori.

During the week-long event, there will be Tetohi glass pens available for purchase as well as nib adjustments by Fujita on selected days (for Tetohi and Kakimori Lauscha glass pens).

A long-awaited event, we hope you’ll join us to experience the beauty of Tetohi glass pens.

⁡Glass pens by Tetohi

Saturday 29 July - Saturday 5 August 2023 *Closed Monday

Artist in attendance (nib adjustments available):
Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 July
Friday 4 August & Saturday 5 August

The rear event space at Kakimori

Please note:
・Purchases are limited to three pens per customer
・Strictly no holds
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