A fresh new look for gift giving

Kakimori’s new gift-giving range will launch on 1 November.​​

1.New gift wrapping

We’ve given our gift wrapping a fresh redesign to better complement our ink bottles and pens while retaining the simplicity and elegance.

Our original gift boxes are packed with considered details, from the folded construction free of glues or staples to the debossed logo with striking depth and clarity. Though seemingly simple, they are a product of skilled craftsmanship.

The boxes accommodate a variety of products and product combinations — examples include a single notebook, a set of pen and ink bottle, or a set of pen, ink bottle and notebook. Ink bottles alone or larger items that do not fit a box will be presented in one of our gift bags.

A gift box for the pen/notebook combination is currently in production. These items will be wrapped in a gift bag in the interim.

2.Introducing new gift sets

Kakimori gift sets are inspired by the recipient, designed to enhance their lifestyle and writing time. Each gift set includes a pen and ink bottle so that it can be enjoyed right away.

・Gift set - Daily life
・Gift set - Artist

Also available are gift sets curated by material — choose from Sakura wood, Aluminium, Tokushima indigo and Urushi.

3.New gift menu online

A gift menu has been added to our website. Search gift ideas by occasion, price, or featured selections including our latest

picks.We hope you’ll find the perfect gift.

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