New Tools for Writing with Joy - pre-order and release dates

Pre-order and release dates for our upcoming new collection are as follows:

Release date: 9 November 2021
・Pigment ink (Po, Torori, Tototo, Karari, Kurun, Toppuri, Soyo, Zabun, Mukuri, Koton)
・Nib holder (Sakura wood, Tokushima indigo, Aluminium)
・Pen rest (Sakura wood)
・Metal nib (Brass, Stainless steel)
・Glass nib

Pre-order period: 11am Fri 15/10 - 10am Tue 9/11

Pre-order information
*Pre-orders will commence shipping on 9 November.
*Every pre-order will receive a concept booklet as a complimentary gift.
*Initial production numbers are limited. Subsequent production and restock dates are currently unavailable.
*Pre-order quantities are limited to one per item per customer.
*Pre-order lines will also be available in-store from 9 November.

Due for release in early 2022
・Bottle cap (Sakura wood, Urushi lacquer, Aluminium)
・Nib holder (Urushi lacquer)
・Pen rest (Urushi lacquer)
・Pen nib

*More information coming soon.
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