Changes to services at Inkstand

We will be introducing the following service and pricing changes at Inkstand as we update to a new ink bottle design.

〈All inks〉
・Volume: 35ml
・Serial number validity: 3 years from the date of issue

〈Order-made ink - Workroom〉
・Price: ¥4,500 (¥3,000 for second/subsequent bottles in one session)
・Effective: applies to booking dates from Tue 9/11

〈Order-made ink - Inkstand Post〉
・Price: ¥4,500
・Lead time: 5 working days from receiving your colour hint to shipping your ink colour options
・A limit of 1 colour hint per envelope
・Effective: orders placed from Tue 9/11

〈Ink on Tap〉
・Volume: 35ml only
・Price: ¥3,000
・Effective: Tue 9/11

〈Ink reorders〉
・Price: ¥3,000 
・Effective: orders placed from Tue 9/11

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact us via the enquiry form.
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