Discontinued and clearance lines

To make way for our upcoming new collection, the following product lines have now been discontinued:

・Blended ink (Blue Moment, Slumber, Voyage, Comet, Lichen, Apricot Tea, Pink Lemonade, Canelé, Classic Theatre, Noble, Piano)
・Metal fountain pen (F, M)
・Metal rollerball pen (0.5mm, 0.7mm)
・Case bound notebook (portrait & landscape in Blue, Orange, Khaki)
・Notepad A5 (Navy, Red, Grey, White)
・Notepad A4 (Navy, Red, Grey, White)

The discontinued lines will be priced to clear at 30% off from Tuesday, 9 November until sold out. Please note that some stock levels are low.

・Blended ink, all colours (¥1,760→¥1,232 incl. tax)
・Metal fountain pen (¥3300→¥2,310 incl. tax)
・Metal rollerball pen (¥3300→¥2,310 incl. tax)
・Case bound notebook (¥2,750→¥1,925 incl. tax)
・Notepad A5 (¥1,320→¥924 incl. tax)
・Notepad A4 (¥1,980→¥1,386 incl. tax)

We would like to thank our customers for your interest in the designs over the years and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope you will enjoy our new range, created with the same consideration and care to inspire a lifetime of use.
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