New order-made notebook papers and 2022 monthly refills

On 7 August, we’ll be releasing new additions to our range of order-made notebook papers.

1. New and discontinued styles

We’re pleased to introduce Neue Gray to our paper lineup.

This impeccable shade of grey is a welcome addition to white and cream, the classic choice for writers. The paper is well-suited to fountain pen inks, and the gentle yet expressive blue grey is a natural match for our printed lines and grids. Try it with your next order-made notebook.

Our printed Tomoe River and Comic Paper styles are now discontinued. We thank all of our customers who have enjoyed them over the years.

New: Neue Gray (Unlined/Dotted/Lined/Grid)
Discontinued: Tomoe River (Dotted/Lined/Grid), Comic Paper (Dotted/Lined/Grid)

2. Release of 2022 calendar and monthly papers

2022 calendar and monthly papers will now be available for sale. The dated monthly option can be selected when purchasing any order-made notebook from here, so take a look if you’re considering a diary for next year.

2022 Calendar: B5, B6
2022 Monthly dated: B6 only (limited stock)
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