Kakimori Nib holder - Tokushima indigo (seconds)


A nib holder crafted from Japanese cherry and finished with an indigo dye. The nib holder is slightly warped from the dyeing process, a cosmetic imperfection that does not affect the writing quality. Fits most nibs as well as those from our range. View the compatibility chart. *Nib holder only — nib sold separately.

  • The nib holder will gradually brighten to a true indigo colour with use and handling. If the nib holder becomes dry, apply some beeswax.
  • Friction may cause the colour or beeswax finish to transfer.
  • To prevent distortion and discolouration, avoid soaking in water, sudden temperature changes or extreme heat, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • When removing the nib from the nib holder, gently pull it out while turning to avoid dislodging the nib mount.
  • Due to the nature of the material and treatment, grain and colour will vary between pieces.
  • If marked with ink, wipe clean with a soft, clean cloth.
  • After rinsing, shake well in a downward motion to remove any water or ink from the nib mount before inserting a nib.

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The natural beauty of the woodgrain is accentuated by a deep indigo finish. Each nib holder has been carefully hand dyed by artisans using indigo grown in Tokushima.

Located in our neighbourhood of Kuramae, Maito Design Works offers Japanese made products using natural plant-based materials.

In today’s world there are fewer and fewer opportunities to write by hand. Focusing on the simplicity of the dip pen, we developed a range of interchangeable nibs and nib holders.

Versatile and designed for long-lasting ownership, they represent a new kind of writing tool for our era.

A nib holder that emerged from our desire to create a tool that inspires a lifetime of use, bringing joy to our hands and soul. From the timeless material to the comfortable thickness, form and length, each and every detail has been carefully considered to create a perfect fit.


Product name Nib holder - Tokushima indigo
Dimensions H178 x Ø11mm
Weight 9g
Material Japanese cherry,
indigo dye (stem),
plastic (nib mount)
Design Makoto Koizumi
Manufacturer Nakamura Woodworks (nib holder),
Tachikawa Pin (nib mount),
Maito Design Works (indigo dying)
Made in Japan