Kakimori Glass nib

¥3,850 (incl. tax)

Restock date unavailable  The Glass nib was developed as a casual alternative to the conventional glass pen. Handcrafted by glass artist Akiko Fukazawa, the nib delivers an incredibly smooth writing experience. Designed with universal specifications to fit all standard nib holders, as well as those from our range.

  • Nib only — stems sold separately.
  • As each item is individually crafted by hand, please expect slight variations in specification or feel.
  • To prevent the build-up of dry ink in the grooves, rinse frequently in water during use.
  • To remove stubborn dry ink, gently scrub in water with a soft toothbrush.
  • When changing the nib, avoid applying excessive pressure directly to the glass.
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Product name GLASSNIB 単品
Tip size 中字相当
Dimensions H40mm×Ø6mm(個体差あり)
Weight 2g
Material ペン先:ガラス 金具:真鍮
Manufacturer イヌヅカガラス工房​ 深澤亜希子
Made in Japan