What you can do at Kakimori store…

1. customized notebook

custmize notebooks

You can choose from covers‚ papers‚ ring colors and fasteners‚ then you can recieve your notebook in around 20 to 30 minutes at our store. You can even refill your notebook with new paper when you run out. Depending on the materials you choose‚ the price per notebook is around 1‚000 yen to 3‚500 yen in most cases.

**Custom inscription is also available and requires 3 weeks from the date of order.

** It would take time to receive your notebook on weekends since it possibly gets crowded. So we recommend you to order in weekdays(TUE-FRI 12:00-19:00) if you avoid for waiting a long time.

custmized notebooks
*The Note that we are not running online store yet.

2. pens and writing stuff

pens and writing stuff

We sell fountain pens‚ ballpoint pens‚ and pencils too. Also you can try every pen at our store before you buy. This is especially important for those who have not tried fountain pens before. Thus they can try fountain pens more easily before making their decision.

3. other stationery goods and unique goods

other stationery goods

We also sell stationery goods related to writing. We have selected these products with the balance of price and quality in mind. We also take uniqueness and design into consideration.

4. the “ink stand”


The “Ink Stand” is about an eight–minute walk from Kakimori store. There you can make custom colors of ink for your fountain pen. You can choose 2 to 3 colors from 14 base tones‚ and you can decide the ratio of your colors. Then our staff blends inks based on your preference. The cost is 2‚500 yen (33ml) per bottle.

Reservations are required. Please send an E-mail to inkstand@bungu.co.jp