Glass studio toos Bubble stripe - Blue

¥9,350 (incl. tax)

Bubble stripe is a handblown glass pen crafted with the same technique used for glassware and perfume bottles. The pen offers a solid, sharp writing experience reminiscent of the raw material's qualities. Ideal for writers with firm strokes. *As each item is individually handcrafted, future restock dates are currently unavailable.

  • As each item is individually crafted by hand, please expect slight variations in specification or feel.
  • Due to limited stock, purchases are limited to one pen per customer. Orders of multiple quantities will be subject to cancellation, including purchases of one pen of each type.

For nib width adjustment or repair, please make an enquiry via the contact form.

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Product name Bubble stripe
Dimensions Approx.H180 x Ø13mm
Weight Approx.33g
Material Glass
Manufacturer Glass Studio TooS (Tsunehide Okamoto)
Made in Japan