inkstand by kakimori Metal rollerball pen


Our metal rollerball pen makes using fountain pen inks easy and accessible. The matte black body complements any occasion, with a hint of colour added through the round ink indicator.
  • Ink is not included.
  • Daily use is recommended to prevent the ink from drying out. The nib may become blocked after a period of no use.
  • Designed especially for use with Kakimori and Inkstand pigment inks.
  • A blocked nib should be replaced. Replacement nib.
  • Avoid contact with ink cleaning solutions to prevent damage to the aluminium body.
  • Handle the cap with care when removing or replacing.
  • When travelling by air, we recommend filling with ink upon arrival to prevent leakage during your journey.
  • The pen is designed for optimal writing balance with the cap removed. The cap does not fit the tail of the pen.


Product name Metal rollerball pen
Tip size 0.5mm, 0.7mm
Dimensions H133 x Ø10mm
Weight 28g
Accessories included Converter, dropper, cup
Material Aluminium (body),
plastic (converter)
Country of manufacture Germany (nib),
Japan (body, other)