inkstand by kakimori Colour liner kit brush


A felt tip pen kit that can be used with our fountain pen inks. Soak the fibre ink reservoir with your favourite colour and your pen is ready to use. The brush tip is ideal for special messages and illustrations.
  • Recommended for use with Kakimori and Inkstand pigment inks.
  • This product is single-use and cannot be refilled. The end plug is not removable once fitted.
  • Impact after assembly may cause internal ink spillage.
  • For best results, store horizontally after filling with ink.
  • When travelling by plane, we recommend filling with ink after your arrival to prevent leakage during the journey.


Product name Colour liner kit
Dimensions H141 x Ø10mm
Weight 8g
Accessories included Cap, felt tip, body, fibre ink reservoir, end plug
Material Plastic
Country of manufacture Japan