inkstand by kakimori ラッピング ペンとリピートインク


リピートインクとペンのギフトラッピングです。レシピのあるインクは33mlでリピート注文ができます。オーダーインク、Ink on Tapのレシピカードに記載のシリアルナンバーをご入力ください。有効期間は製作から2年間です。
  • This product is a fountain pen pigment ink.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • We accept repeat production of ink within 2 years from the production date.
  • We will collate the customer's name and serial number on the order sheet stored at the ink stand. (2 years from the date of order) Please note that we may cancel your order if it is different.
  • The serial number will be updated at the time of repeat production, and the order sheet will be stored at the ink stand for 2 years from the latest production date. You will need a new serial number when ordering again.
  • The number of bottles per order is limited to 10. If you would like to place an order for more than that, please contact us using the inquiry form.
  • This product is a pigment ink for fountain pens.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • If the ink hardens with the nib, 掠 may not be able to write. Please use frequently so as not to dry out.
  • We have not tested anything other than writing instruments sold at oyster mori and ink stands, and there is a possibility that defects such as ink clogging may occur.
  • The specifications of ink bottles and labels are different from the specifications of volume-selling inks sold at stores.
  • Bottles of the same specifications as order ink, available only for 33 ml, ink labels will be prepared by drawing one by one by the staff.
  • Please note that ink color sold in quantity more than 2 years from the sale may be terminated without notice.
  • The number of orders per order will be up to 10 bottles. If you order more together, please contact us from the inquiry form.
Set includes


Product name Gift wrapping — Pen & ink
Dimensions W77 x D38mm x H170mm
Weight 35g
Country of manufacture Japan