Kakimori Oyster Mori 10th Anniversary Underlay


A gift from oyster mori celebrating its 10th anniversary. When it opened in 2010 and as of 2020, it is a printed illustration of the shop. B6 and B5 sizes were made according to the order note. *Limited quantity
  • Due to the limited quantity, distribution will end as soon as it runs out.
  • Please order up to 1 piece per person.
  • Because of the type print, the feel is different one by one. B6 size patterns will be sent randomly.
  • During the distribution period, we will attach a 10th anniversary underlay to order ring notes.
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Product name Kakimori 10th Anniversary Shitajiki
size B6: W118mm x H172mm
B5: W246mm x H172mm
Manufacturing (person) Printing: Daishin
Cutting / makeup cutting: Kimura Paper Works
Manufacturing (country) Japan