Kakimori B6 notebook - Manami Sakurai/Dear my friend


Our signature spiral bound notebook is assembled by hand from start to finish. Manami Sakurai is a textile artist based in Tokyo. She aims to convey messages of peace and harmony through her textiles, and each design is imbued with such thoughts within the bold and free-spirited hand drawings.
When you’ve filled up your notebook, the pages can be refilled while keeping your favourite cover. Find out more about our refill service.

  • This is a ready-made notebook. Personalisations including changes to notebook orientation, binding type or colour, or foil stamping on the cover are not available.
  • Actual colours may vary sightly from images shown.

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When your notebook is ready for a refill, simply bring it in or send it back to us. Give your notebook new life with fresh pages while keeping your original cover. Every refill is a chance to personalise your notebook more — refill it in sections and keep your favourite pages, or try out different paper types. With a Kakimori notebook, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting journey together.

From hole punching to binding and the finishing touches, we carry out every step of the assembly process by hand. Watch as the notebooks come together from various individual elements at our Kuramae shop.

The split binding opens perfectly flat and allows freedom of movement for your writing hand.

Our extensive selection of cover designs range from traditionally-made papers and textiles to artist collaborations and fabrics by fashion labels. The ever-changing lineup means there is always something new to discover. View our archive of past cover designs.


Product name B6 notebook
Dimensions W137 x D15 x H183mm (incl. spiral binding)
Weight 152g
Pages Bank paper (Grid: 51 sheets)
Manufacturer Kakimori
Made in Japan