Kakimori Aluminium gift set

¥25,410 (incl. tax)

A dip pen set featuring a matching nib holder and ink bottle cap in aluminium. An ideal gift for all writers including those new to bottled inks. Complete the set with your choice of nib and ink.

Set includes
・Pigment ink - Aluminium cap (select one colour)
・Nib (select one nib)
・Nib holder - Aluminium
・Pen rest - Tokushima indigo

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A gift that celebrates time for writing. For giving to someone special, or indulging in a treat for yourself. The set contains everything you need to start writing right away.

Each cap is carefully hand finished, giving the metal a touch of softness and subtle detailing that can only be achieved by hand.

Versatile and designed for long-lasting ownership, they represent a new kind of writing tool for our era.

The Pen nib or the Metal nib — the choice is yours. The Pen nib is recommended for writing and for those looking for a consistent line width. The Metal nib is ideal for drawing, painting and creating an array of line widths and undulating strokes.

The evocative form looks as though a drop of molten glass has solidified. Filling the bottle with ink creates the illusion of two elements becoming one. The stable base prevents the bottle from tipping over easily.

Once dry, our pigment inks are water and fade resistant. They have been developed to ensure your special message stands the test of time.


Product name Aluminium gift set
Dimensions W240 x D135 x H50mm
Weight 262g
Set includes Pigment ink (Aluminium cap), Nib (Pen nib/Metal nib - Stainless steel), Nib holder (Aluminium),
Pen rest (Tokushima indigo)