Kakimori Ink without a recipe - Autumn nuts

¥2,200 (incl. tax)

Colours created without a recipe. We’ve hand-picked two colours from the shades of the autumn nuts. From brown and mustard to moss green, we hope you’ll enjoy our selection. Presented in smaller bottles than our standard inks, these inks are perfect for those new to writing with ink or interested in sampling different colours.

  • The ink colours shown are for reference only and may differ from the actual colours included in each set.
  • This product is a pigment ink.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • If swallowed, give fluids and seek medical advice. If in contact with the eyes, flush with running water and seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Use the pen regularly to prevent ink from drying on the nib.
  • Designed and tested for pens sold at Kakimori and Inkstand. May not be compatible with other pens.


Product name Ink without a recipe
Dimensions W53mm×D21mm×H70mm
Weight 108g
Set includes Blended ink 11ml x 2