Kakimori Gift of seasons set - Summer

¥2,760 (incl. tax)

A set of colour liners and blank postcards for creating your own illustrated postcards. We’ve selected five shades inspired by the morning glory, a flower synonymous with Japanese summer. Watermelons and goldfish are also popular motifs of the season. Take a look at our illustration ideas for tips on composition. The set includes blank sheets of paper for drafting your design.
  • Actual colours may vary depending on your monitor settings.
  • Sample postcards are not included.
  • This product is single-use and cannot be refilled.
  • For best results, store horizontally after filling with ink.

Explore three basic compositions

The composition of the image will change the look and feel of your postcard. Try arranging the elements in the centre, to one side or spread across the card. Experiment to find the best layout to complement your words.


Product name Gift of seasons set - Summer
Dimensions W180mm×D13mm×H223mm
Weight 78g
Set includes 5 colour liners (0.3mm, 0.5mm, brush x 3), 3 postcards with Kakimori logo, 5 bank paper sheets (B6, unlined)