Tetzbo Glass nib x Tetzbo round shaft - Antique brown

¥19,250 (incl. tax)

A new gallerun. The tip of the glass can be removed like a pen. The axis of tezbo is good weight and stability. When you use it, you can enjoy secular change.

  • Because it is handmade by craftsmen one by one, specifications and writing comfort are slightly different. Please understand in advance.
  • This product will be prepared with oyster mori GLASS NIB set on the metal axis of the photo
  • This axis is exclusive to Oyster Mori GLASS NIB. Please note that it is not compatible with other pen nibs.
  • Silver foil foil stamping can change rapidly with hard ones, polished with abrasives, organic solvents, strong acids, etc. Please be careful.
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Size Approx.H122 mm× φ9 mm
Weight 34g
Material Brass
Manufacturing (people) TETZBO Yoshiichi Takai
Manufacturing (Country) Japan
Remarks Glass Nib dedicated axis