Kakimori Lauscha glass pen - Grey


Our original glass pen was brought to life in collaboration with glass artist Motoko Fujita. Each pen has been meticulously handcrafted by a German glass artisan.
  • As each item is individually crafted by hand, please expect slight variations in specification or feel.
  • To prevent the build-up of dry ink in the grooves, rinse frequently in water during use.
  • To remove stubborn dry ink, gently scrub in water with a soft toothbrush.

Repairs including restoring damaged nibs are available for a fee. Please contact us via the enquiry form.



Product name Lauscha glass pen
Tip size Medium
Dimensions H142 x Ø10mm (may vary)
Weight 20g
Material Glass
Manufacturer Frank Liebmann
(designed by tetohi/Motoko Fujita)
Country of manufacture Germany