Kakimori 〈Sale〉Case bound landscape notebook - Khaki

¥1,925 (incl. tax)

¥2,750→¥1,925  A well-considered notebook designed for long-lasting documentation. With its linen cover, case bound pages and foil-stamped spine, it’s a fitting companion to your treasured books on the shelf.


Best-selling classic

Our bound notebook has been in production since 2013. The linen cover, case-bound pages, foil-stamped logo on the spine — each element has been painstakingly brought to life by craftspeople who embraced our vision. Refined to perfection, we’re proud of the notebook you see today.

A hardcover worthy of display

Your senses will be drawn to the refined colours and natural texture. It’s a notebook you’ll want to keep long after use. The foil stamping on the spine adds a sophisticated touch worthy of display.

For lifelong documentation

Our original bound notebook uses bank paper, a premium paper suitable for all writing instruments. A subtle dotted guide is printed at the top of each page for recording the date or title. The landscape format is lined and ideal for use as a diary or a recipe book.


Product name Bound notebook
Dimensions Custom A5
W215 x D11 x H152mm
Weight 225g
Pages 120 pages,
unlined with date guide
Material Linen (cover),
bank paper (pages)
Manufacturer Senda Co. Ltd. (lining),
Okada Binding (binding),
Tanaka Foil Stamping (stamping)
Country of manufacture Japan