Kakimori Metal nib set - Brass

¥13,820 (incl. tax)

A boxed set of dip pen and bottled ink made for unhurried moments of writing. Give the gift of quiet contemplation in everyday life. Complete the set with your choice of ink colour.

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A gift that celebrates time for writing. For giving to someone special, or indulging in a treat for yourself. The set contains everything you need to start writing right away.

In today’s world there are fewer and fewer opportunities to write by hand. Focusing on the simplicity of the dip pen, we developed a range of interchangeable nibs and nib holders.

The nib offers an exceptionally smooth writing experience that defies expectation. Holding the pen at different angles allows you to adjust the line width. One dip will hold enough ink to write about a sentence.

Once dry, our pigment inks are water and fade resistant. They have been developed to ensure your special message stands the test of time.


Product name Metal nib set - Brass
Dimensions W136 x D243 x H47mm
Weight 223g
Set includes Metal nib (Brass), Nib holder (Sakura wood), Pen rest (Sakura wood), Kakimori ink 35ml (select one colour), Kakimori gift bag with handle