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tel: 050-1744-8546
mail: kakimori.kuramae@bungu.co.jp
ONLINE STORE:https://kakimori-onlinestore.com/

Coronavirus Information

Kakimori and Inkstand are implementing the following coronavirus measures to ensure customer safety and enjoyment at our stores:

Provision of disinfectant sprays
Regular opening of doors for ventilation
Ventilation fans in operation at all times
Regular wipe downs to disinfect surfaces
Use of trays for cash transactions
In addition, staff who are unwell are not permitted at work.

Store trading and events will continue as scheduled until further advice from government and health organisations.

For customers unable to visit us in person, we are available to assist with any product or other enquiries – please feel free to get in touch with us below.

Kakimori Kuramae
tel: 050-1744-8546
mail: kakimori.kuramae@bungu.co.jp

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